Amc & Reinstallation

We are highly engaged in dismantle and re-installation of all type of prefab building.

Under the Annual Maintenance Contract, STANDARD SERVICES undertake to provide maintenance  

SERVICE COVERED by the contract charges is as follow:

  • Our service engineers will visit the site at least once every month during the period of this contract (12 visit /yearly).
  • During the service visits structure will be checked/replace and adjusted as required.
  • During the service visits the preventive maintenance schedule will be carried out. This schedule has been specially designed and programmed to keep the system in order, maximum economy and efficiency is the aim.
  • Any additional visits during the contract period in the event of any concern  will be chargable.

Terms and Condition of the Contract:

  • Service under this contract do not include the following.
  • Supply and replacement of the spare parts.
  • Warranty of electronic good/all accessories will be accordingly to parent company.
  • Any workshop assistance.
  • This contract shall not cover visit required to repair nor Standard Service will be held.

Responsible in any under following circumstances.

  • Damage done to the structure due to floods, fire, accident, pest, tempering, misuse, incorrect operation etc.
  • Damage due to failure to observe the operating instructions and precautions.
  • Defect/failures resulting from services/repair done by a person other than the authorized representative of Standard Services.
  • The structure must be in good working condition before this contract comes into effect. If required, Standard Services will inspect the structure and give a report with estimate to bring the structure in good condition.
  • The structure should be made available for servicing as and when our service engineers call on his periodical servicing visit. Failure to do so will be treated as a service rendered and no refund shall accrue on this account.
  • If it becomes necessary to take the set or repair thereof, all incidental expenses incurred like freight, packing etc. will have to be borne by the client.
  • Standard Services shall not be made liable for death/injury to any person or loss / damage to any property or loss of production in any way caused a result of failure. Breakdown, accident, fire or any other circumstance beyond the control of Standard Services.
  • This contract is not terminable before the expiry period nor is it transferrable in the event of resale or gift to any other person. However, change the address under the same ownership is acceptable in which case reinstallation charges will be borne by the client. (Dismantling/Installation).

Note:   10 – 20 % structure loss will be covered by the client as reinstallation wastage.

  • Visits of our service representative will be acknowledged by the client by signing the field service report / cards on presentation.
  • The entire Log Book must be maintained and shown to service engineer.
  • This contract does not absolve you of the basic responsibility to care for and maintain the structure but is only meant to ensure a periodical check by the professionally expert engineers to check on adherence to maintenance schedule and to ensure it satisfactory performance.
  • All transportation expenses, conveyance charges and travelling experience incurred by the service engineers to make service visits or repair calls from our company as mentioned will be borne by the client. Alternatively, the client may arrange for suitable transport.
  • If night stay becomes necessary, the client shall make suitable boarding and lodging arrangements for the service engineers and assistants, if any.
  • Contract charges are payable in advance and payment should accompany the signed duplicate copy of the contract before the commencement of the period.
  • Acceptance and renewal of the service contract after its expiry will be sole discretion of Standard Services.

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